June 2017

TeleQuality Communications

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Rural Broadband Acceleration

TeleQuality CEO Tim Koxlien Provides FCC Recommendations for Enhancing Adoption of Broadband-Enabled Health Care Solutions

Earlier this year the FCC's Connect2Health Task Force requested comments, data and information on "Actions To Accelerate Adoption and Accessibility of Broadband-Enabled Health Care Solutions and Advanced Technologies." Read TeleQualty's submitted recommendations and solutions to solve the unique challenges facing deployment of broadband-enable healthcare solutions to rural America.

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On the Blog: Rural Health Advocacy

Healthcare reform is currently sweeping the nation but many don't stop to take rural America into consideration when talking about healthcare policy issues facing our country. Rural communities face an entirely unique set of factors and healthcare in these areas is drastically different than healthcare in urban or suburban cities. What are the top issues affecting rural healthcare in America right now? Let's break them down in our latest blog post.

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TeleQuality CEO

TeleQuality CEO Tim Koxlien Identifies Short-Term, Long-Term Solutions to Reform Rural Health Care Program at Washington Broadband Event

TeleQuality CEO Tim Koxlien recently spoke at the Schools, Health and Libraries Broadband Coalition's (SHLB) 7th Annual Conference about potential reform for USAC's Rural Health Care Program which hit its $400 million funding cap for the first time ever this year. Read his full comments and recommendations in our press release now.

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Rural Health

American Hospital Association: FCC Should Expand Telehealth, Broadband to Rural Regions

Prompted by the FCC's Connect2Health Task Force request for comments, the AHA is urging the FCC to expand telehealth and broadband resources to rural communities in an effort to improve care quality and access. Proposing several amendments to the program, the AHA said that the FCC's Health Care Connect Fund should support 85 percent of the broadband costs for providers that deliver telehealth services. This would results in a 15 percent increase from the current rate of 65 percent. Read their full comments and recommendations in this article now.

Telehealth Feature: Telepsychiatry Opens a New Window into Behavioral Healthcare

"Thanks to telepsychiatry, the doctor's couch no longer has to be in the office. And that's making both providers and patients much more comfortable." Dig into this in-depth feature on the evolution and rapid expansion of telepsychiatry, how it's changing the telemedicine and rural behavioral healthcare landscape, and how you can implement telepsychiatry at your rural facility today.
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Texas law

With New Texas Law, Telemedicine Passes an Important Milestone

The battle for the ability to establish physician-patient relationships virtually is finally over. Texas lawmakers have enacted new telemedicine legislation, making it the final state to put digital healthcare on a par with the in-person visit and opening the Lone Star State to new telehealth programs. Read about the historic milestone here.

USDA Awards $43.6M to Expand Rural Fiber Broadband in Four States

The USDA is awarding four loans totaling $43.6 million to help drive broadband expansion in rural parts of four states: California, Illinois, Iowa, and Texas. The loans are through the Rural Development's Telecommunications Program, which funds infrastructure and equipment to deliver broadband and distance learning and telemedicine services throughout rural America. Find out what projects were funded in this article now.

LUSDA Awards Millions

Cyber Security

Report: HSS Cybersecurity Task Force Spells Out 'Urgent Challenge' of Cybersecurity in Health Care

Classifying cybersecurity as a patient safety concern, a long-awaited report by a federal task force identified some of the key cybersecurity vulnerabilities in healthcare and stressed the importance of collaboration between all stakeholders to close those gaps. Read the full report in this in this article today.

Customer Announcements

New TQ Customers: Welcome!

Valley Family Health Care - Payette, ID 

Accel Health/Cross Timbers Health Centers, Inc. - De Leon, TX 

Community Care of West Virginia Buckhannon, WV

Customers in the News

Mobile Health Units Put the Emphasis on Access for mHealth North Country Health Care

Valley View Health Center Opens Clinic in Tenino Valley View Health Center

Health Care for All Western Mental Health Center

Legislators Secure $200k Grant for Capstone Capstone Rural Health Center

LRHS Birth Center Sees Exceptional Maternal & Newborn Safety Scores Lake Regional Health System

Texoma and Goodwill Working Together to Make a Difference Texoma Community Center

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