October 2016

TeleQuality Communications

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TeleQuality Expands into Maine 

TeleQuality is proud to announce we are expanding into the state of Maine! Are you a healthcare provider in Maine looking to boost your bandwidth or secure your network? Contact us today for an assessment! 

TeleQuality Debuts New Cyber Security Services for Healthcare Providers

TeleQuality is proud to debut its new product offering in the Computer Network Solutions (CNS) product line to healthcare providers across the country: Cyber Security Services. With TQCI's new cyber security solutions, we will take a proactive approach to the protection of your healthcare network and data.

Manage. Monitor. Support. Secure.

Contact us today for a cyber security assessment and get on the path to security! 
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National Cyber Security Awareness Month

National Cyber Security Awareness Month

October is National Cyber Security Awareness Month! Do you know how to protect your healthcare network and infrastructure from a cyber attack? Find out how valuable your healthcare data is to hackers and why proactive protection is critical in the 21st century. Read more
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The Big Five: Healthcare Workforce Deficits

Everyone knows healthcare workforce deficits, from physicians and nurses to health IT technicians, are hurting the healthcare industry nationwide and recruitment for rural areas for these positions is very difficult. So, how do you tackle these deficits while achieving a healthy bottom line? Check out the 2nd topic of our blogging series "The Big Five: Top Issues Putting Healthcare Providers into Financial Crisis" where we unpack how healthcare workforce deficits are affecting the industry and potential solutions to help your organization. Read more
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Healthcare Workforce Deficits

TeleQuality New Hires

TQ New Hires Q3

Meet the newest faces of TeleQuality Communications! We are happy to introduce you to our newest recruits from Q3! Read more
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Telehealth, a God-Send for 56 Million Rural Americans, While Supporting Accountable Care Collaboration (Part 1)

TeleQuality's CEO weighs in on how telehealth can be the answer to many problems facing the rural healthcare community in part 1 of this Telecom Reseller op-ed article. Read more 
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At&T Partnership

TeleQuality Named 2016 "Market Mover" by AT&T Partner Exchange

TeleQuality was one of a couple companies to win an award as a 2016 AT&T solutions provider at the Partner Exchange Summit earlier this month. Read more
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Laws and Policies

Center for Connected Health Policy Report - State of Telemedicine in all 50 States

The Center of Connected Health Policy has released its updated fourth edition of State Telehealth Laws and Reimbursement Policies Report. CCHP’s report is the most comprehensive report on state telehealth laws, regulations and Medicaid policies available and contains the most current and up to date information for all 50 states and the District of Columbia. Make sure you are educated in the laws and policies for your specific state! Read more

NIST Study: Health Industry Must Beware of "Security Fatigue"

Just as an overabundance of alarms in hospitals can lead to alarm fatigue among clinicians, the need for constant security measures is leading to "security fatigue," a weariness or reluctance to deal with computer security, according to a National Institute of Standards and Technology study. The study focused on computer users' perceptions and beliefs regarding cybersecurity and online privacy both on personal and work-related computer use. Though the study looked at the general population, the same principles can be applied to healthcare employees. While employees are an organization's strongest line of defense, human error is a top security risk. And with heightened scrutiny regarding privacy and safeguarding healthcare data, the likelihood of employees experiencing security fatigue is more pronounced. Read more

Security Fatigue

Across State Lines

Is Telehealth Boxed In? Groups Clamoring for Streamlined Licensing Regime 

With more and more telehealth networks operating across state lines, several professional groups are calling for an easier way for clinicians to obtain permission to practice in multiple states. Industry groups are looking for a framework that would enable their members to practice in different states or countries without stepping on the toes of state regulatory agencies - not an easy thing to negotiate. Their goal is to have states sign a compact that would give doctors physical therapists the privilege (rather than a license) to practice in member states. Most state boards are hesitant to give up any licensing authority. Some also have called for the creation of one national license that would enable clinicians to work anywhere. Read more

Top Healthcare Provider Sees Majority of Patients via Telehealth

Kaiser Permanente is seeing more patients online than in person, according to its CEO. The California-based health network, one of the nation’s largest integrated health systems, saw some 110 million people last year, with some 59 million connecting through online portals, virtual visits or the health system’s apps, Bernard J. Tyson told attendees at the recent Salesforce.com Dreamforce conference in San Francisco. That accounted for 52 percent of the health system’s total visits that year, he said. Read more

Trump vs. Clinton

Trump vs. Clinton: Ramifications for Telehealth

Donald Trump has promised to completely repeal the Affordable Care Act if he’s elected. He has offered an alternative plan, built on broadening the powers of insurers to sell across state lines and consumers by improving price transparency, HSA saving, and tax deductions. Due to Trump’s lack of a stance on telemedicine, it is impossible to tell if he views telemedicine as a major tool in lowering costs for public plans or just another benefit constituents don’t need. Contrary to the Trump platform, Hillary Clinton has actually gone on the record and publicly taken a stance on telemedicine. Read more

Conference News

Come see us at the following conference in November! 

CAHF 66th Annual Convention & Expo

Palm Springs, CA 
November 14-15, 2016

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Customer Announcements

New TQ Customers: Welcome!

Douglas County Health Department - Tuscola, Illinois 

Funding Deadlines

Are you a healthcare provider participating in USAC’s Rural Healthcare Program? If so, action on your part is needed today! Due to higher demand than ever for the Rural Healthcare Program funding dollars, USAC is opening up a new filing window period from September 1- November 30 for all Funding Year 2016 requests. All funding requests submitted at this time will be treated as having been filed simultaneously for funding purposes and decisions. For detailed information on the new filing windows and what it can mean for your healthcare organization, please view USAC’s information here.

Don’t miss out on securing your funding for next year!

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